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Reiki 2 Course

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Reiki 2 is for people who:

  • have completed Reiki 1
  • have used Reiki on themselves and others for a length of time
  • wish to renew and deepen their commitment to Reiki
  • wish to receive and learn how to use some of the symbols revealed to Dr Usui
  • learn how to send distant healing
  • may wish to practise professionally and charge a fee

Reiki 2 is usually learnt as part of a group, to enable practice on each other

  • course duration: 2 days
  • a follow-up session is arranged after a period of 21 days self-healing has been completed

Each course is limited to 5 places to provide close personal tuition and to ensure a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

On this course the following areas are reviewed:

  • the five principles of Reiki
  • the story and history of Reiki
  • what is Reiki?
  • how does Reiki work?

A discussion and review of your own experience with Reiki

  • how you use Reiki
  • the results you have gained
  • your reasons for wanting to progress to the 2nd degree of Reiki

Reiki Training and Attunements:

Two attunements are received and 3 symbols given which:
  • fine tune the energy, enabling it to be focused in specific ways
  • enhance the healing process in the following ways:
    • Emotional healing
    • Mental healing
    • Distant healing

Specific Healing Positions for Specific Conditions:

  • learn what these are
  • how to use them

Healing Pets, Plants and Other Things:

  • learn how to use Reiki for healing animals, plants, even your car when it won't start!
  • learn how to remove negative energy from food and drink before you eat or drink
  • learn how to cleanse and energise rooms, offices, etc.

Code of Ethics:

  • the importance of honouring Reiki
  • principles to observe when offering healing to others
  • etiquette to observe when healing others

Charging for Healing:

Having received the second degree of Reiki, you are able to charge for healing.

Advice is offered is offered on:

  • insurance - practice and public liability
  • The Reiki Association
  • record keeping
  • client confidentiality
  • setting up in practice

Certification and Lineage:

  • certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course
  • a comprehensive manual is provided for your use during and after the course
  • your Reiki lineage, traced back to Dr. Usui, is provided

Post- Course Support:

  • a follow-up meeting is held 4 weeks after the course (after you have completed a 21 day period of self-healing) to check your progress and deal with any questions that may have arisen
  • on-going support is available thereafter, if required

Total Cost for Reiki 2:

  • Deposit of £80 payable at time of booking, balance of £145 payable on second day of course.

Exchange of Energy:

Paying a fee is based upon the notion of an exchange of energy - you offer something back as an acknowledgement of what you have received.

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