Bach Flower Remedies - According to the Teachings of Dr Edward Bach

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What are they?

A simple and safe method which may establish complete equilibrium and harmony through the use of natural, wild flowers, plants and trees.

Flower remedies are a form of complementary therapy which may promote health by helping to improve our emotional state, bringing comfort and harmony to ease and balance turmoil and distress. Great for humans and animals, alike.

Who created them?

'Health depends on being in harmony with our souls' - Dr. Edward Bach, Homoeopath and Physician, creator of the Bach Flower Remedies.

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Dr. Bach spent his life searching for the purest methods of healing. He believed, as many doctors do today, that our attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining our health and ability to recover from illness.

'Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body' - whist practising conventional medicine, Dr. Bach noticed that personality and attitudes have a tremendous effect on a person's state of health. He learned to look at the person rather than the illness and to treat the cause, not the symptom, of illness.

How do they work?

Dr. Bach discovered 38 remedies, each made from a different plant, to address a range of specific emotional and mental states.

The fast pace of today's society demands that we respond to news, events and situations with ever greater speed and change. Our moods and emotions are thus subjected to a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, positive and negative extremes which can result in a loss of balance. It is when our moods and emotions are out of balance that the physical body may be affected and physical symptoms and ailments may appear.

Flower remedies target our moods and emotions that, for whatever reason, have slipped into a negative state. In taking a remedy or combination of remedies, those negative moods and emotions may be gently brought back into a positive state, so we may once more enjoy the peace and harmony achieved when our moods and emotions are balanced.

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Often, through addressing the root cause of a problem (eg an emotion in a negative state) rather than treating a symptom (eg a physical ache, pain or problem), physical manifestations may ease and right themselves once the emotional aspect has been dealt with.

What does a consultation involve?

'Treat the cause not the symptom', was Dr. Bach's philosophy and this forms the basis of flower remedy treatments.

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A detailed consultation is held to enable you to focus on and discuss all aspects of your life, relationships, work, etc. This process enables us to isolate the areas requiring attention and from this information, I choose which remedies are required.

This process can be surprisingly illuminating and cathartic. 'A problem shared is a problem solved' accurately sums up the feeling of relief that may be gained from this process and this is only the start of the treatment!

What happens next?

A personal treatment bottle is mixed for you to take away and use. All you have to do is remember to take four drops at least four times a day, or as often as required.

How soon does it work?

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The time taken for the remedies to have a noticeable effect varies according to each individual and their circumstances.

For instance, relief from a sudden onset of depression may be gained as soon as the first drops are taken. If, however, the depression is deep rooted and has been building or present for a long time, it may take some days or weeks before a difference is noted.

It may be those around you who may notice an easing of the symptoms and change before you do. A typical comment reported by clients is their friends/family/colleagues remarking, "I've noticed that you no longer do/say/react to such-and-such as you used to - you're much easier to live with!"

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The healing process brought about by the remedies may enable thoughts and feelings that have been suppressed to be brought to the surface and released. The appropriate remedy is given to help you come to terms with these emotions as they emerge.

Flower remedies may work in a gentle and undramatic way - the change is brought about at a natural pace to which you are easily able to adjust.

How long will I need to take the remedy?

A treatment bottle will last for 3-4 weeks, depending on how often you take it.

Ideally, a follow-up session will be arranged just before the remedy runs out, to assess which moods and emotions have returned to balance, which still require help and if any new situations have occurred resulting in new emotions and moods which need targeting.

Monitoring your progress

A new consultation takes place and the results from this form the basis of a renewal or change of the remedy.

If a major event occurs such as bereavement, crisis or shock, it is advisable to have a fresh consultation to address the thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding the event to prevent it from having a negative and lasting effect.

When should I use flower remedies?

Flower remedies can be used before, during and after times of stress and anxiety to prevent physical symptoms appearing.

'Prevention is better than cure' - for instance, if you are approaching a major event/time/anniversary which you know will cause you worry, stress or anxiety, it is better to take preventative action than have to treat the aftermath.

Treatment for animals

Animals respond very well to flower remedies. They can be given to address a wide range of emotional problems such as aggressiveness, nervousness, hyper-activity, etc.

Consultations can be carried out in 'person' (with the owner and animal present) or by phone with the owner (remedy will be posted) to establish which remedies are required.

As with humans, they are completely safe to use on their own, or in conjunction with any other form of treatment or medication. The remedy is simply added to the animal's drinking water.

What are they made from?

Flower remedies are made from organic plants and flowers and preserved in a small amount of organic brandy.

Are there any contra-indications?

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No - they are completely safe and free from side effects. They may be taken in conjunction with any conventional form of medication or Homoeopathic remedy.

Please note that Bach Flower Remedies are not a replacement for treatment of medical conditions for which suitably qualified medical advice should be sought.

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